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OpenAI developers day

Updated: Jan 3

OpenAI dev day Sam Altman

ChatGPT is close to a year old and OpenAI hosted their 1st Developer conference yesterday.

The keynote came out with loads of announcements from Sam Altman.

If you missed the Keynote you can still view it from YouTube

and I will just summarize here what was mentioned.

New model GPT-4 Turbo

First, a new model version dubbed GPT-4 Turbo with a 16x larger context window which represents a ~300 pages book.

It supports multimodality including GPT-4V, DALL-E 3 and text to speech capabilities (TTS).

The new model has an April 2023 knowledge cut off and it can now browse the internet.

It comes with improved function calling and json outputs.

You can also bring your own seed for reproducible outputs.

OpenAI has also announced reduced prices.

OpenAI Customization

All these are available through a Playground, APIs, Assistants API and customizable GPTs.

Assistants API will help developers to create their own AI agents performing their own tasks and allowing their own chat user experience.

With Threads, developers won’t have to manage all the conversations histories themselves: new Assistants API is stateful, with expanded knowledge (retrieval), function calling and code interpreter.

Custom GPTs and its associated store allow developers to create models and incentivize them to share them with a yet to build community.

We’ll see if this is as successful as the AppStore, the potential is there.


Few, that was a lot to take for just an hour long keynote : I continue to be impressed by OpenAI ability to revolutionize the AI world at lightspeed.

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