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In a constantly changing world, we are taking the time to study companies willing to differentiate themselves. 
We examine possible strategies adapted to your specific business goals. 
We create synergy between technology and your customer relations and business processes.  
We suggest the differentiation that artificial intelligence will bring to your products. 
We share our continuous technology watch insights.  
We identify the corresponding best artificial intelligence solutions and partners.  
We help you from early reflexions to deployments of best in class AI services
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Business Meeting

Herve assists companies with their strategic thinking and implementation of artificial intelligence to boost their competitiveness. 

Herve brings 30 years experience in software business  and industry, from working in France and Bay Area, California. 

 shares his depth of experience in marketing the innovation, product development and software & data science teams management. 

 has built and commercialized machine learning solutions and supported their integration and deployment in millions of IoT devices.

You wish to develop your company ? You are looking to start on a first or your next software and artificial intelligence project? Allow me to help you. Sometimes simple adjustments are necessary to set your organisation on the right track towards success. 
Only the boldest manage to adapt to constantly changing markets today.

Business Meeting
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