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(en) How do you reimagine what you do for a new era of #AI-powered competition

Dernière mise à jour : 26 avr. 2021

Reimagine the customer experience #CX :

Don’t call yourself a technology business; your business should be solving customer problems. Ask: What do people want?

Reinvent how you work :

Consider how #AI and machine intelligence can enable disruptive business ideas and customer experiences, unlock new ways of working, and augment teams to innovate and solve problems more effectively

#MachineLearning can automate simple repetitive tasks like processing logs, preemptively identify serious issues, that couldn't have been taken on by a team of at least 10,000 people.

Rethink your capabilities :

What do you think is more valuable? People capable of doing their jobs, or team members who can design systems, train AI models, and build bots to do their team’s work?

Staying one step ahead of our tools has always been the story of human co-evolution with technology since the beginning.

The successful firms of the future will be those that can leverage data, algorithms, and human talent to both sidestep industry boundaries and creatively meet customer needs.

Complete article from Michael Walsh on Harvard Business Review

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