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(us) Where do you stand on Gartner AI maturity model ?

Level 1 : "Awareness " :

Early #AI interest with risk of overhyping

Level 2 : "Active" :

AI experimentation, mostly in a data science context

Level 3 : "Operational" :

AI in production creating value by e.g. process optimization or product / service innovations

Level 4 : "Systemic" :

AI is pervasively used for digital process and chin transformation, and disruptive new digital business model

Level 5 : "Transformation" :

AI is part of business DNA

More at "CIO guide to #aritificialintelligence"

biZNov is here to help you scale up faster the levels of the Gartner #AI maturity model, so you don't stumble on the many hurdle

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